Campaigning for the general election on May 6 will start in earnest today after prime minister Gordon Brown visits the Queen and asks her to dissolve Parliament on Monday, April 12.

Political parties have already been jostling for the upper hand with voters in what has been, until now, a phoney war. Brown is expected to announce the election publicly this morning, signalling the start of real campaigning in an expected closely fought election.

Knowing that the travel industry deserves better understanding and more support from politicians, Travel Weekly has launched its Yes Minister campaign which demands the creation of a senior ministerial post dealing solely with the travel industry.

The Conservative party has most closely aligned itself to the campaign, with both the party and Tory leader David Cameron pledging to create the position of tourism minister should they win the election.

Travel Weekly is also ensuring the trade is well provided for in the run-up to the election by offering in-depth coverage of all three parties’ tourism manifestos and beliefs.

The Conservative’s shadow tourism secretary, Tobias Ellwood, is featured in the current issue of Travel Weekly outlining his plans for the industry, while Don Foster, Liberal Democrat shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport, will appear in the April 16 edition.

Finally, Labour MP Margaret Hodge, minister for culture, creative industries and tourism, will outline her plans for the industry, should the Labour government be re-elected, in Travel Weekly on April 23.