The Midcounties Co-operative Travel claims to be the first UK travel company to commit a guaranteed contribution from every holiday booking to sustainable tourism charity, the Travel Foundation.

The group is donating 50p per booking to the charity and its overseas projects.

The initiative is being supported by a £1 opt-in scheme, with customers asked to donate £1 to the charity on all holiday bookings.

The agency chain’s general manager Sue Reid said: “We strongly believe in sustainable tourism and are proud to actively support the Travel Foundation not only through a guaranteed contribution from every booking but also by actively encouraging staff to become directly involved in overseas volunteering work.

“We will also work with our customers to visit overseas projects, either as a volunteer or to view the work being carried out by The Travel Foundation, so they can see first-hand where their generous contributions go to support local communities.

“As a co-operative business, social responsibility is at the heart of what we do, giving something back and putting our co-operative values and principles into action.”
Travel Foundation chief executive Sue Hurdle said: “As an independent charity we rely on the generosity of individuals and companies to continue our important work. 

“The money raised by Midcounties Co-operative and its customers will be put to good use helping people and protecting the environment in tourism destinations all around the world.”

The Midcounties Co-operative, the second largest in the UK, is based in Oxford and Walsall, with trading outlets covering Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and surrounding counties.

Besides travel, its trading groups cover food, funeral, pharmacy, IT and childcare.