TWgroup editor Lucy HuxleyI have lost count of the number of calls I’ve taken from agents and suppliers this week asking if I know ‘who’s next?’

All realise that if Kiss Flights could fail in the height of the summer, just weeks after the collapse of Goldtrail and Sun4U, then more could – and probably will – go the same way.

One commentator described it as ‘travel meltdown’. Certainly, the industry is rattled and calls for change to the financial protection system have inevitably grown louder.

Many of these calls, unfortunately, are unrealistic. The Department for Transport has made clear it will not introduce a system covering all flights out of the UK and is not likely to change that now.

Three collapses in a month splashed all over the national news may well accelerate Atol reform, but probably only within the boundaries of what has already been proposed.

In the meantime, agents are yet again left picking their way through the administrative nightmare and dealing with the confusion among clients.

Trying to rebook customers in peak season can’t be easy. Most are finding that, while there is some availability, it is not cheap – and many clients will want reassurance the company they are booked with is ‘safe’. If there is a silver lining, it’s a chance to give good advice and capitalise on that demand.

Also point out that the majority of travel companies are secure – but you do get what you pay for.