Agents who book easyJet flights using Multicom software have accused the airline of causing havoc with ash cloud refunds by giving customers access to their bookings. managing director Chris Brown, who uses the agency’s credit card for all easyJet bookings through Multicom, said the airline has started giving clients access to their accounts without asking the relevant security questions.

This means Brown is locked out of the reservation and changes can be made to bookings without his authorisation.

“Since the ash cloud, customers have been calling easyJet direct and are being given full access to their booking and can make changes, therefore locking us out.

“We have done tests and the call-centre staff don’t ask for an email address or credit card details,” he said.

This is causing havoc when it comes to administration over refunds, he said, adding: “Refunds are being issued to our card, but we don’t know who they are for. It has been a huge task to reconcile.”

Denise Marsden, general manager of Freedom Travel Group consortium member Miss Ellies in Manchester agreed.

“The ash cloud proved how difficult easyJet is to deal with. Freedom is looking at refunds now and I’m hoping they’ll work themselves out, but I have a feeling they won’t. EasyJet is just not set up to deal with the trade – you can never speak to anyone.”

EasyJet corporate affairs manager Andrew McConnell said: “It is the agency’s choice whether or not to pay for a booking using a corporate credit card or the passenger’s credit card.”

Historically, easyJet did not work with agents, but caved in to pressure from the trade in 2008 and forged a deal with Multicom.