ABTA Travel Convention logoTravel firms should have a crisis strategy and clearly defined crisis team, regardless of the size of their business.

That was the message to delegates at a Travel Convention Master Class entitled Managing a Crisis.

Tui Travel distribution director Nick Longman told delegates to “expect the unexpected” and said Tui’s own crisis plan had become much broader following the ash-cloud lockdown.

Longman said all companies should have a crisis-management plan, clear lines of accountability and a central “crisis centre” in place before they were needed.

Tim Johnson, managing director of Regester Larkin International, said size of business should make no difference to the need to be prepared to deal with a crisis.

And he urged delegates to meet at least once a month to ensure procedures were in place and individuals were all aware of their responsibilities in the event of an incident.

“It’s people that manage crises, not processes,” he added.