Travel Weekly’s ten ‘agent reporters’ will be giving us their perspective on the Travel Convention 2010 throughout the event

I think I managed the ultimate in my travel experiences this morning – time travel.
I began the day with the “grey market”, with Shearings Holidays and Cunard.

Then I was blown out of my comfort zone by 26-year-old Josh Spear, who transported me from the “wrinklies” to the well-connected – or, dare I say, the over-well-connected – in the Digital Strategy session. It was both fascinating and frightening.
Before I slit my wrists, I talked with other much younger delegates than myself and was relieved to find that even they were not as up to date as they believed themselves to be. So perhaps I won’t retire after all but will hang on in there and try to keep up. 
Most of the more-mature delegates were similarly affected by Josh’s presentation and were reassured to see that he was slightly out of his comfort zone at the marketing forum which restored a lot of confidence in our own abilities.