An initiative to boost local businesses in Jamaica has been established by Tui in conjunction with UK charity the Travel Foundation.

The aim is to help more than 150 local entrepreneurs and small businesses across the island.

The Tui Care Foundation ‘Big Up Small Business’ project will offer coaching and practical support.

The new scheme builds on a previous plan which led to an increase of four times as many tourists visiting Montego Bay’s Harbour Street Craft Market.

It aims to forge links and help drive innovation so that small-business entrepreneurs, including accommodation and attraction providers, community enterprises and craft producers, can connect more easily with tourists.

Local firms can also help the local community to benefit from the opportunities brought by tourism.

Coral Purvil-Williams, project co-ordinator at the Travel Foundation, said: “We are going to provide small businesses with amazing opportunities to connect with Jamaica’s international tourism industry.

“I would urge any entrepreneur with an interest in the tourism sector to look out for an invitation to our workshops and to apply to be one of our ten beacon businesses who will really get a head start.”