Almost three quarters of travellers select the cheapest travel insurance option instead of the right policy, a new study shows.

The research by found that 72% of travellers do not fully understand exactly what they are covered for when buying travel insurance online.

The survey reveals a lack of understanding when people come to purchase insurance for their trips with many opting for the cheapest option rather than the insurance policy best suited to their needs.

But many are left out of pocket when it comes to making a claim, according to the company.

Price comparison sites have contributed to the focus on price. managing director Antony Martin said:  “The practice of purchasing insurance policies solely based on price is one that we have seen increase over the years.

“Many of the price comparison sites and search engines have revolutionised the way that we shop for financial products.

“They have sped up the process and driven down costs for consumers whilst increasing competition among providers, something which can only be good news for the customer.

“Therefore, in recent years the major differentiator and driver of competition among insurance providers in particular has purely been price.
“However, our survey shows that increasingly people are not fully aware of the details of the cheaper products they are buying and are dangerously unaware of the level of cover offered by these policies.

“Many economy and budget plans do not insure against lost baggage and cancellations and have significantly higher excess charges with figures of £200 and £400 not uncommon.

“The very nature of cheaper insurance is that it does not offer as comprehensive cover as the more expensive options. Therefore travellers need to be fully aware of the details of their policy and exactly what it covers them for before they purchase it.

“Simply opting for the cheapest policy may not be the best option for your trip and could leave you out of pocket should any mishap occur. Always check the details of your policy and that it suits your individual needs before you buy it.”