A wide range of energy saving features will be commonplace in future hotel rooms, Thomson Holidays predicts.

A sustainable tourism report commissioned by the operator suggests people may pay additionally for the amount of water they use, whereas other services such as wi-fi and in-room entertainment, which are often paid for at present, may be free.

The operator claims it will become the first travel company to introduce a unit designed to limit water use in showers.

The Waterpebble device will be trialled at Sensatori Tenerife resort from January.

It sits in the shower plughole and glows red when too much water is being used.

Waterpebbles will be given to holidaymakers as a gift to take home after their stay.

The Sustainable Holiday Futures report produced by The Future Laboratory suggests that sustainability will become “the new normal” – a fundamental part of
holiday decision-making rather than an add-on or after-thought.

The operator’s head of sustainable development Jane Ashton said: “In order to meet the demands of social, environmental and legislative changes over the next decade, we need a radical shift in how sustainable holidays look and feel, and the way in which we all behave on holiday.
“Our first challenge is to raise awareness and travel companies have a responsibility to lead their customers into a brave new world of sustainable travel. Holidaymakers expect their travel companies to provide the information and tools they need to become more sustainable.
“We are optimistic that by making sustainability the new norm over the longer term, we can all continue travelling, while preserving the integrity of resorts and protecting the world’s resources.”