The big two travel companies have launched first-edition 2012 programmes today with the first exclusively all-inclusive brochure for First Choice and Thomas Cook’s largest range without its traditional summer sun ‘bible’.

Thomson and First Choice have brought out five brochures between them while Thomas Cook has launched 18 brochures across its Thomas Cook, Airtours Holidays and Manos brands but ditched its Summer Sun programme.

First Choice has shifted all its Florida product to Thomson following its decision to become the first UK mainstream operator offering only all-inclusive properties. Thomson’s all-inclusive properties are now featured by First Choice.

First Choice’s brochures are colour-coded: Jade brochures feature standard all-inclusive hotels and resorts; orange comprise differentiated and exclusive properties; and silver offer premium products. The new 2012 First Choice Tropical and Preview Summer Sun brochures are jade coloured.

Tui UK director of communications Christian Cull said: “All First Choice’s product had to be reviewed and the colour-coding sets it apart from Thomson and its competitors.”

Thomson, which has launched its Summer Collection, Faraway Shores and expanded Florida programmes, has introduced 12 new regional flight routes while First Choice has 10 new routes.

Thomas Cook has taken the unusal step of dropping its Summer Sun brochure but replaced it with a broader range of segmented programmes based on customer research. These include destination specific brochures such as Spain and Portugal. Airtours could drop its summer sun brochure, renamed Airtours Summer Fun for 2012, if the move is successful.

Manos has been relaunched as a purely Greek operator, dropping Turkey product, which is featured across Thomas Cook brands.