Travel management company Key Travel and homeworking agency Travel Counsellors both feature among the UK’s top private firms with the fastest growing international sales.

The Sunday Times International Track 100 list sees Key Travel in 60th position and Travel Counsellors in 64th
London-based Key Travel, which serves the charitable sector, recorded more than 68% growth in international sales over last year with Travel Counsellors at almost 66%.

Key Travel’s international sales have grown from £2 million in 2007 to £5.7 million in 2009 under chef executive Steve Summers, according to the newly-published report.

The company, which provides travel services to the likes of Save the Children, Oxfam and the Red Cross, has offices in Washington and Brussels.

Bolton-based Travel Counsellors, which has 1,200 self-employed agents working in six countries, saw international sales grow from £3.5 million in 2008 to £9.6 million last year. This was powered by expansion into Holland, Australia, South Africa and Canada.