A leading environmentalist has warned the growth of all-inclusive holidays could be a “great looming challenge” for sustainable tourism.

Speaking at the Travel Foundation annual meeting on Monday, Jonathon Porritt, founder of Forum for the Future, said: “Any western travel company that’s shifting more share of value out of destinations and back into its home base has a case to argue.”

He said he had not seen research behind Tui Travel’s decision to make First Choice an all-inclusive only brand, but added: “Any company needs to demonstrate that it is not undermining the destination and the economic concerns of the destination.”

Porritt, a former government advisor on sustainability, said there were “good and bad” all-inclusives and called for the industry to establish a best practice guide.

A key part of this would be procuring products locally, Porritt said.

Tui head of communications Christian Cull said: “We don’t have all the answers and are very happy to speak to people who have opinions. We are honest and transparent about what we’re doing.”