Discounts on flights to Italy in August offer the best value for UK holidaymakers, according to Airbus-owned risk management analyst Skytra.

The company produced a list of best value destinations and those recovering fastest based on analysis of its global ticketing database that includes Iata direct data solutions covering 83% of worldwide air travel by value.

The research found flights to Italy were on average discounted by 48% compared with this time last year, followed by Greece at -35%, Spain at -32% and Portugal at -31%. Of these, all bar Portugal feature on the government’s ‘safe lists’, meaning they are exempt from advice against all but essential travel and do not require travellers to quarantine on their return.

Based on the percentage of passengers compared to this time last year, Skytra found that Turkey was recovering the fastest, followed by Spain, Greece and the Netherlands.

Mark Howarth, chief executive, said: “As Europe enters the peak summer holiday season we are beginning to see a recovery in bookings by UK holidaymakers to popular European destinations.

“Our comprehensive flight bookings database shows that airlines are discounting fares to encourage holidaymakers to travel and how some destinations are faring better than others in recovering from the impact of Covid-19.”