More than ten million people who take foreign holidays believe their breaks should carry a ‘green’ rating.

Abta’s 2011 Consumer Trends Survey shows that one in three holidaymakers want an environmental star-style ranking. The figure has grown to 33% from 29% last year, and is higher among women at 38%.

Among ‘cosmopolitans’ – a group who take the most number of holidays a year and are early adopters of trends – this figure rises to almost half (49%).

The research suggests companies that invest in making their business better for the environment stand to gain a competitive edge, with 19% of consumers saying they are prepared to pay more for a holiday with a company that has a better environmental and social record – up 2% from 2010.

The findings come as Abta’s Travelife Sustainability System environmental certification scheme for hotels and holiday accommodation becomes displayed on TWGroup’s Gazetteers online selling tool for travel agents.

Travelife business manager Sören Stöber said: “These findings back up research from the same survey that more and more people are expecting holiday companies to be both socially and environmentally responsible.

“Schemes such as Travelife can now meet the steadily growing demand for sustainably rated holidays. Travelife logos are now being displayed by mainstream travel companies and this is helping consumers to make more informed choices about their holidays.”

Fiona Humphries has recently joined the Travelife team as Travelife relationship manager to develop the scheme’s sales and marketing offer and manage key stakeholder relationships with operators and destinations.

Seventeen thousand properties have registered with Travelife; 1,500 have completed a full third party audit and more than 500 properties have been granted a bronze, silver or gold award.