Costa Cruises claims to have cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 11% over three years as part of ongoing environmental initiatives.

The Italian line’s sixth annual sustainability report shows a 26% rise in rubbish recycled in ports and a 34% reduction in emissions of ozone-depleting substances over three years. Community-focused projects in Brazil have also been expanded.

Costa Cruises has also launched a Sustainable Cruise project for the recovery of organic waste, which is funded by the European Union and aims to prove the viability of recycling food waste, paper and packaging on board ships.

Costa Pacifica will aim to demonstrate the viability of treating organic food waste so that it can be used as compost or fuel as part of the experiment.

Activities on board will also include the recycling of packaging and paper. The Sustainable Cruise project, which will run until June 2014, is funded by the “LIFE” Programme, the EU’s funding instrument for innovative or trial environmental projects.

The cut in fuel consumption was achieved through various energy-saving measures, such as the use of ecological silicone-based coatings for the ship’s hull which enhances performance and reduces the growth of micro organisms on the surface without any toxic effects.

Other measures include the use of low power-consumption LED light bulbs, installation of an automatic lighting control system designed to adjust the external lighting in accordance with the current sunlight intensity, energy-efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning technology and automated temperature controls in cabins and public spaces.