A passenger on board a SeaDream Yacht Club ship in the Caribbean is reported to have tested positive for Covid-19.

SeaDeam 1 set sail this week on a seven-day cruise from Barbados, its first in the region after operating in Norway over the summer.

The ship’s captain ordered passengers to isolate in their cabins, and non-essential crew would also isolate, according to reports from journalists and cruise bloggers on board.

SeaDream I left Barbados on Saturday carrying 53 passengers and 66 crew.

It was returning to the island following the test result.

SeaDream has not commented on the situation.

Passengers on the cruise were required to present proof of a negative Covid test taken in advance of boarding and again on the day of boarding.

A third test was to be conducted on Wednesday.

The sailings are exempt from US CDC conditional sailing order requirements as it is not operating in US waters. As the ship carries only 110 passengers, it is below the minimum capacity for the CDC guidelines to apply.

The ship re-positioned to the Caribbean following a transatlantic repositioning sailing which included picking up ten UK passengers from Portsmouth.

The ship has 22 winter cruises scheduled from Barbados until April.