Center Parcs has been rapped by the advertising watchdog for not making clear the availability of holiday offers.

The company was told not to repeat a TV advert screened in January promoting four night breaks from £249 for four people.

The ASA made its ruling after a viewer challenged whether the advert was misleading because it did not make clear that the £249 break was available midweek only and it was not available during school holidays.

“We told Center Parcs to ensure that significant information regarding the availability of their offers was included in future,” the ASA said

“Because the ad focused exclusively on the benefits of the resort for families with young children, we considered that the omission of information about the available travel periods, which would have alerted viewers to the fact that the offer was unlikely to be available during school holidays, was likely to mislead.”

Center Parcs argued that the ad clearly stated that the price point was £249, the booking deadline was January 31 and that conditions applied.

The company said it believed it was clear that the deal only applied to midweek breaks and that there would be selected periods throughout the year when the offer would be valid.