A new VisitScotland TV and cinema advert is expected to be seen by a global audience of 80 million people.

It coincides with the world premiere of Scottish-set Disney/Pixar film Brave at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Monday.

The premiere will bring together Disney/Pixar and the tourism agency in a collaborative marketing campaign to showcase Scotland across the world.

The Scottish government estimates the release of animated film Brave, the story of a Highland princess called Merida with voiceovers by Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson, could boost the Scottish economy by £140 million.

The tourism body has also set up a new website and is marketing Scotland in countries ranging from the US and UK to France and Germany.

The 30-second VisitScotland advert will be translated into four languages: French, Spanish, German and Italian.

VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay told the BBC: “The launch of the new advert represents a pivotal moment in our campaign with Disney.

“With the advert going live coast to coast, the hard work can really begin by converting movie-goers and fans of ‘Brave’ into visitors to Scotland.

“This is one of the biggest opportunities we have ever had and ‘Brave’ will be shown in 72 countries across the world. The film is about changing your fate and I believe it will change the fate of Scottish tourism in a significant and positive way.”