Tui UK & Ireland is re-brand its superstores to “Thomson… featuring First Choice” following similar renaming of its high street branches.

Superstores in Stoke, Peterborough, Birmingham, Basildon, Liverpool, Bradford, Newport and Cheshire Oaks will be the first to undergo the re-brand as well as a re-fit to update and modernise the interiors.  Work to the most popular superstores is due to be completed by the end of October.

Retail director Kathryn Ward said: “Given the success of the rebrand so far we have revisited our previous decision to not rebrand our superstores and have decided to mirror the high street presence across the country using Thomson as our lead brand.

“I believe this will present great opportunities for both our customers and our staff.”

The change aims to build on the group’s high street store rebrand, announced a year ago, which has seen 111 stores adopt the new name and merged product range so far.

The next 13 months will see the rest of the retail estate go through the rebranding process, taking the look and feel of a Thomson shop and introducing “clear and prominent” First Choice branding.

The refurbishment and rebranding of the entire retail estate is due to be completed by October next year.

This emphasises Tui’s investment in the retail sector, the company said.

The project is part of Thomson’s long-term distribution strategy designed to give customers “unrivalled access” to the widest range of products.