A new structure at Lowcostbeds, the Swiss-based bed bank arm of lowcosttravelgroup, is being heralded as creating a ‘truly global’ approach towards future buying and distribution.

Lowcostbeds plans to target more than 75 countries in the next three years as it looks to achieve a £1 billion revenue target.

The company is now represented in 11 countries following its recent launch in the US, which is seen as a stepping stone towards global expansion.

Alex Gisbert assumes responsibility for global sales, marketing and technology within the new structure and Patricia Rossello-Evans will expand her group commercial role to focus more on worldwide contracting and operations.

An additional five more buyers are being recruited by the company.

Gisbert said: “We now have our hotels translated into 11 languages and have spent the last two years establishing ourselves in 15 countries across Europe.

“Our recent launch in the USA is the start of our worldwide expansion.

“The reorganisation sees the creation of a worldwide global team, who will ensure that we achieve our aim to grow lowcostbeds to become one of the top five global beds providers within the next three years.”

Rossello-Evans said: “With the additional buyers, we will ensure that we continue to grow our number of direct contracts in cities, long-haul and short-haul markets.

“Whilst we now have 150,000 hotels available through either our XML or website, we will continue to contract our key properties directly, ensuring we maintain a core of exclusive relationships which has proved so successful to date.”