Eurotunnel 2012 revenues increased by 14% to €993.1 million as almost 20 million passengers travelled through the Channel Tunnel on all services.

Market share increased by 4.4 points in 2012 to 50.8% as major events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympic Games acted as catalysts for traffic growth.

Eurotunnel shuttles saw revenues rise by 16% while high speed train traffic was up by 2% to 9.9 million passengers on 2011.

The company said: “Although the economic crisis is not yet over and competition remains strong in the cross-Channel market, customers continue to demonstrate strong loyalty to the Eurotunnel system.

“The high frequency of departures, the short journey time, the levels of punctuality and the minimal impact on the environment encourage industrial and individual customers to turn to Eurotunnel, whose business model and the capacity of whose staff to adapt to the increases in traffic should be recognised.”

Chairman and chief executive Jacques Gounon said: “Eurotunnel has had a record year. The Group has reaffirmed its ability to move forward by getting the best from the infrastructure and operations it manages.”

MyFerryLink, the former SeaFrance cross channel ferry operator purchased bby Eurotunnel, started operations at the end of the summer “so the revenues generated are not representative of the potential of this business,” the company said.

Its three ships will all operate simultaneously from next month, providing services spread across the day to meet customer requirements, added Eurotunnel.