A state of emergency has been declared in the Egyptian cities Port Said, Suez and Ismalia after days of civil unrest.

A daily curfew from 9pm to 6am is being imposed for 30 days from today.

At least 33 people died over the weekend in Port Said after a court judgment sparked rioting.

Anti-government protesters clashed with security forces near Tahrir Square in Cairo for a fourth consecutive day.

The British Embassy in capital was shut yesterday as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office warned of “ongoing disturbances in Cairo, Port Said, Suez and Alexandria some of which have been violent.”

It added: “There have been several fatalities. Take care in those cities and avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings.”

The state of emergency announcement by Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi came amid growing opposition to his regime.

There have been no reports of disturbances in the main tourist areas of the country, including the Red Sea Riviera.