Severe winter weather expected in the northeastern US has forced the cancellation of thousands of flights today (Friday).

British Airways urged travellers to check their flight before leaving for the airport.

“Severe winter weather is causing disruption, flight delays and cancellations throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the US. If your flight is cancelled please do not travel to the airport,” the airline said.

“There will be disruption to flights to and from the east coast of the US and public transport links to east coast US airports may be disrupted.

The storm is set to cause power cuts and transport chaos as it arrives from the Great Lakes and brings blizzards to parts of New England.

It is expected to peak on Saturday morning east of Cape Cod.

Aer Lingus has cancelled five transatlantic flights to and from Dublin to New York and Boston while Delta Air Lines and United have also dropped New York and Newark services to the Irish capital.

Aer Lingus said: “Due to the northeast storm moving up the east coast of the US and blizzard warnings posted for the Boston and New York areas, our operations will be impacted on Friday, February 8 and to some degree on Saturday, February 9.”

The airline said it would be closely monitoring the track of the storm and will update its website with changes to its schedule as they develop.

US domestic flight schedules and ground transportation will also be impacted, Aer Lingus warned.