Two health and safety guides are being published by Abta to help members through the “myriad” health and safety challenges associated with travel.

The first is a mini-guide outlining five steps for agents and principals to think about in relation to their business and associated health and safety requirements.

The second guide, available at the end of the month, is called “Demystifying Destination Health and Safety Management”. This provides a more in-depth look at planning and implementing destination health and safety plans and systems.

An Abta team of experts developed the guides using input gained from years of experience working with members, health and safety authorities, overseas governments and providers of accommodation, transport and other tourist services.

The guides highlight five key things that should be in place for an effective health and safety system:

  1. A health and safety policy document
  2. A health and safety statement
  3. Clear lines of management responsibility
  4. Robust document and record keeping
  5. A clear schedule of review

The association’s head of destinations and sustainability Nikki White said: “The health and safety of consumers has to be a priority for Abta members, but for many it can be a complex and daunting area.

“The new guides will help demystify health and safety procedures as well as giving practical advice and support for retailers and principals.

“I’d urge all members to review the mini-guide and ensure that they fully understand their responsibilities and have the appropriate plans in place. A health and safety problem can not only destroy business reputations, it can endanger life.”