Hays Travel says it has been “inundated” with enquiries from Thomas Cook staff whose jobs are under threat.

Around 150 staff have approached Hays about becoming a telesales homeworker or Personal Travel Consultant (PTC).

A further 12 enquiries from travel agencies about joining the Hays Independence Group are being progressed, with some looking to take on existing Cook shops and others hoping to establish new businesses.

Hays has agreed to waive its set-up fee for Cook staff who would like to become homeworkers.

Linda Pyle, head of sales and recruitment for the Independence Group, said: “We have been inundated with calls about homeworking and our Personal Travel Consultants division.

“We understand it’s very raw for the staff right now, so we’re speaking to them and reassuring them that there are plenty of opportunities for them either taking calls as a homeworker or taking the first steps to run their own business as a PTC.”

She added: “It is really encouraging that people want to stay in travel. Some have got years of experience and want to capitalise on that. When customers have been served by one person for years they want to stay with that person.”