A Carnival Cruise Lines ship undergoing repair after an engine fire broke away from its moorings at a US shipyard yesterday.

Carnival Triumph, which was docked at Mobile in Alabama, drifted before being secured.

Two shipyard workers on an adjacent pier reportedly fell into the water. One was rescued by the US Coast Guard but another was missing.

The ship suffered damage to its rear as it collided into a cargo vessel.

The cruise line, which has suffered a series of mishaps on its ships this year, blamed high winds of up to 70 mph during a “severe storm” for the vessel breaking loose.

All of the 600 crew and 200 contractors working on the vessel were accounted for through a role call, Carnival said.

“There are no reports of injuries,” the company said. “While assessment if damage to the ship is ongoing, initial indications suggest the damage is limited.”

Tugboats were deployed to move the vessel to the Mobile cruise terminal where it was secured.

The 2,758-passenger Carnival Triumph, which was left adrift in the Gulf of Mexico in February after an engine room fire, has been under repair at the port.

The 16 weeks of repairs have already resulted in 24 sailings being cancelled and the ship was to re-enter service on June 3