Ryanair is extending its reserved seating service to cover 45 passengers per flight in eight rows.

Seat reservations cost £10 per flight or £15 for longer flights such as those to the Canary Islands.

Passengers can reserve seats in the front or rear of the aircraft and on over-wing rows for greater legroom. It also enables families and groups of passengers to sit together on four other rows.

A spokesman said: “Since November, Ryanair passengers have been able to reserve their preferred seats across six rows – at the front of the aircraft for a prompt exit on arrival, at over-wing exits for extra legroom, and on rows 5 and 15 – which has proven extremely popular, especially with families, groups and those on business travel.

“Ryanair is pleased to extend our reserved seat service to an additional two rows, 32 and 33, which are bookable now for travel on all routes.”