Ryanair has called on Brussels to step in to prevent a three-day strike by French air traffic controllers this week.

The budget carrier, which has been forced to cancel more than 100 flights to and from France on Tuesday, is warning that other flights through French air space may also be disrupted.

Ryanair condemned the European Commission’s continuing failure to act on its repeated call for the removal of the right to strike from Europe’s air traffic controllers.

The airline demanded the commission and the French government intervene to prevent further cancellations and delays on Wednesday and Thursday.

A spokesman said: “It is unacceptable that the skies over Europe are repeatedly closed or flights are delayed by the unjustified strike action of tiny numbers of air traffic controllers.

“These public servants are among the most overpaid and protected in Europe and yet they repeatedly opt for the strike weapon as a first, rather than a last resort.

“We are into the peak summer season in Europe and already the French air traffic controllers are engaged in strike action, which will result in 102 Ryanair flights being cancelled on Tuesday, with many others at risk of disruption.”

He added: “The solution to this problem is simple: remove their right to strike in exactly the same way that air traffic controllers in the USA are prevented by law from striking.

“Until then, it is up to the EU Commission and French Government to ensure there are no further cancellations on Wednesday and Thursday as a result of these unwarranted strikes.”