Former Port of Dover commercial sales and business development manager Clare Newman has joined London sightseeing firm City Cruises.

She becomes head of sales and marketing for the company, which has just launched high-speed Thamesjet RIB rides on the River Thames.

Managing director Kyle Haughton said: “Clare is joining the company at a great period of growth, and we look forward to welcoming her on board.

“2013 has been an ambitious year with the launch of several new products, including Thamesjet and the Jazz Cruise, as well as an increase in service to meet customer demand.

“We expect 2014 to be no different, with a number of launch announcements on the horizon.

“Clare’s strong tourism experience will only contribute to the success and growth of City Cruises in the coming years and highlights City Cruises’ support to the trade alongside our increasing range of products.”

Newman said: “A spotlight is shining on the Thames at the moment, with mayor Boris Johnson’s announcement of his river strategy earlier this year. I can’t wait to contribute to his ambitious – but by no means unattainable – Thames passenger target of 12 million per year by 2020.”