Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party is to call for the abolition of Air Passenger Duty at Westminster.

The party will argue that APD is detrimental to attracting inward investment and encouraging exports, and stops tourists coming into the country.

The DUP believes the abolition of the tax would create tens of thousands of jobs and benefit all regions of the UK.

In Northern Ireland APD is £13 per passenger, per flight, while Ireland’s air tax of €3 per passenger, per flight, is being abolished in April.

DUP MP David Simpson told the BBC: “On 1st November 2012 the House of Commons agreed unanimously that HM Treasury should conduct a comprehensive review of the Air Passenger Duty.

“There is a growing body of opinion that APD is damaging our economy through inflating costs for our inward and outward flights.”

The MP for Upper Bann said: “Whilst this is an issue for the whole of the United Kingdom, it is particularly important in Northern Ireland where people have the option of using airports in the Republic.

“Recent announcements there in relation to this tax have only highlighted the benefits of seeing this charge abolished.”