Northern Europe’s transport network was today struggling to recover from yesterday’s major storm and tidal surge.

KLM cancelled 84 flights from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, while more than 120 other services were cancelled or diverted at Hamburg airport.

Flights from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen airports in Scotland were also cancelled as hurricane-force storm Xaver hit northern Europe.

Winds of up to 142 mph hit Scotland, where a lorry driver was killed when his vehicle was blown over near Edinburgh. At least two other people were injured by falling trees.

EasyJet said this morning: “Strong winds will continue to affect northern and northeastern Europe today.

“The weather situation in Copenhagen and Hamburg is still difficult following yesterday’s disruption and flights may still experience weather associated delays.”

Rail travel was badly affected, with all train services in Scotland cancelled because of debris on the lines and damage to equipment. Services in northern England were also hit.

The Oeresund road and rail bridge between Sweden and Denmark – which links the Danish capital Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmo – was shut.

Railway lines in Sweden and Denmark were closed, while Deutsche Bahn warned of likely disruption across much of northern Germany.

Ferries to Germany from Sweden and Denmark were cancelled.

The port of Hamburg is bracing for a direct hit and a massive tidal surge. There are fears it could be as powerful as the flood that killed more than 300 people in the city in 1962, the BBC reported.