Airports Commission chairman Sir Howard Davies is to deliver a keynote address at the first major aviation summit to take place following publication of his interim report today.

He is to attend a one-day Runways UK conference in London on January 16, designed to provide an independent platform for debating of the short-listed options .

Sir Howard will be joined at the event by Heathrow boss Colin Matthews and his Gatwick counterpart bosses Stewart Wingate, along with ex-Concorde chief pilot Jock Lowe representing the ‘Heathrow Hub’ option. They will be joined by Huw Thomas of Foster + Partners representing the Isle of Grain hub airport scheme.

Supporting speakers and panellists include Virgin Atlantic chief executive Craig Kreeger; Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr Ralf Speth; former London mayoral candidate Steve Norris; former transport secretary Lord Adonis; Civil Aviation  Authority chief Andrew Haines and economist Vicky Pryce.

Baroness Brenda Dean, chairwoman of Runways UK’s advisory board, said: “Sir Howard now has the unenviable task of identifying which scheme or schemes offer the best long-term solution – which balances economic, social and environmental impacts.

“We are all delighted that Sir Howard has chosen Runways UK at which to articulate in more detail his thinking less than a month after release of his Interim Report and to talk about the commission’s work programme going forward.”