A British Airways aircraft bound for London hit a building at Johannesburg airport.

Images from Twitter appear to show the Boeing 747 was taxiing when one of its wings sliced through a brick building on the edge of the runway.

Passengers reported on Twitter that no one had been hurt in last night night’s incident, the Telegraph reported.

An airport spokesman confirmed the aircraft had been damaged and said all passengers were being taken off the flight to spend the night in a hotel and that the 747 would not be departing.

Harriet Tolputt, head of media for Oxfam, was on the flight when the collision occured.

She wrote on Twitter: “BA plane crashes into building at J Burg airport. No one injured only the pilot’s pride. Not impressed that first class passengers get off before premium economy during an emergency.”

She told NBC News that the aircraft was taxiing when she heard very loud crash and saw the wing hit the building on the edge of the runway.

British Airways said an investigation was underway into the incident involving the aircraft with 189 passengers on board.

“A British Airways Boeing 747 was damaged while taxiing at Johannesburg airport,” the airline said.

“Customers disembarked safely and were looked after by our staff.

“We have launched a full investigation into the incident and are giving our assistance to the independent South African Civil Aviation Authority with the matter.”