The designers working on P&O Cruises’ new ship Britannia say they are looking to create a design which ‘flows throughout the vessel’.

Richmond International is working to ensure the ship has “wow factors”, according to senior designer Emma Masters. Masters said they wanted to “create an experience and an unforgettable memory” for passengers.

She said the spa, which has been moved away from the gym area, would be a real draw for passengers.

Christopher Edgington, marketing director, said: “The passengers are the heart of everything we do with Britannia and particularly with the design – the way we have organised the public decks, restaurant and entertainment venues. That’s all being designed around what we know our customers want and what we think they are going to love when they come aboard this extraordinary ship.”

Speaking about Richmond International, Edgington said: “They are a seriously stylish design company they have designed some of the best hotels in the world.”

The ship will have a design which flows from one area to another, according to David McCarthy, project manager at P&O Cruises.

“This is the biggest project that P&O Cruises has undertaken; it’s not only the biggest ship but it is the most complex ship.”