MSC Cruises UK managing director Giles Hawke has been promoted to executive director for the line.

Hawke started with the Mediterranean cruise line in November last year, having previously worked as sales and customer delivery director for Carnival UK.

His role will cover the markets in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Hawke said: “I’m delighted to be taking on a broader role within MSC Cruises.

“I still have a very strong focus on the local domestic markets while having the opportunity to share best practice in both directions with other English speaking markets where we operate. This is a great role to help position MSC cruises for further significant growth.”

He previously looked to reassure agents of their importance to the company and said: “To reassure travel agents, I haven’t come in here with a mindset to repeat everything I did at Carnival UK.

“I want people going into travel agents and asking about MSC because they already have awareness and I also want travel agents to know what MSC is all about and to understand the brand.”