A new cruise planning department has been created by All Leisure Group to manage itinerary, onboard entertainment and shore excursions for Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery.

The team is headed by Lynn Cornish as head of planning and product for ocean cruising. She has been with the group since 1999, originally itinerary planning for Voyages of Discovery.

Tracey Cartwright brings 12 years of shore excursion experience to her new role as shore excursion contracting manager.

Lloyd Cross has been appointed as entertainment and guest speaker contracts manager, having previously been head of entertainment and show producer for Cruise and Maritime Services.

Group sales director Colin Wilson said: “I am delighted we have a such a new experienced dynamic and dedicated team in place.

“They will ensure that both brands continue to create unique itineraries and a carefully crafted series of complimentary excursions backed up by our award-winning guest speakers – these are the main attributes that set Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery apart.”