Clia UK & Ireland is partnering with Clia Australasia to introduce training modules focused on destinations.

The new Destination Series is made up of 57 modules covering more than 350 worldwide ports to assist agents selling holidays.

The modules cover South America, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Alaska, North Asia and the South Pacific, with photographs, maps and facts.

Clia UK & Ireland director Andy Harmer said: “This informative series not only provides agents with key information but enables them to truly add value by being knowledgeable about these ports and regions and demonstrating their expertise to potential customers. 

“It also enables them to suggest additional pre and post-cruise opportunities, gives an understanding of popular excursions and illustrates the key motivators for customers choosing particular itineraries.

“It also means travel agents are able to consider cruise itineraries which they may not have thought about before, offering destinations that new-to-cruise customers or regular cruisers may not have considered in the past.”

Peter Kollar, Clia Australasia’s training and development manager, said: “These modules are unlike anything else offered in the past and provide a wealth of information so that agents can engage from a position of knowledge with any type of customer – whether they want the buzz of a big city, are looking for a cultural experience or want to get up close to nature and the local habitat.

“Our trials have shown that the strong visual design and first-hand content has positively engaged our agents. 

“Feedback indicates agents have a greater confidence of each cruise region primarily because of the vivid picture they retain which assists with their sales and service in the form of advice, recommendations and tips.”

The first modules will be launched at the beginning of April at