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Royal Caribbean Cruises is reported to be opposing a plan by David Beckham to build a football stadium close to its headquarters in Miami.

The preferred 12-acre site for the stadium for the former England captain’s new Major League Soccer franchise is near Port Miami where Royal Caribbean is based.

The cruise company said it had “deep reservations” to the plans and has lodged an objection, the Miami Herald reported.

The company said it was concerned about traffic but it also has its own plans to develop the site that Beckham and his investors have pinpointed.

The cruise company’s headquarters overlaps with the blueprint for the proposed stadium on the waterfront.

Royal Caribbean said its existing car park, daycare centre and employee gym would have to move to make way for a stadium that could contain between 25,000 and 40,000 seats.

Royal Caribbean vice president and chief communications officer Rob Zeiger said: “We have deep reservations about using this port as a location for a stadium.”

The Miami Herald reported that the port’s director Bill Johnson had pitched the site in Asia, revealing possible plans for a 36-acre commercial complex with hotels, apartments and offices to business leaders.

Royal Caribbean told port officials it wants to use the proposed stadium site for some unspecified back-office functions as part of an expanded corporate campus, according to the newspaper.