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Tourism has been placed on the national agenda, according to Thailand’s ruling military regime.

The so-called National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has laid out several strategies to restore tourists’ confidence.

This is part of bid to hit overall tourism revenue of 2 trillion baht this year and 2.2 trillion baht in 2015, according to the latest Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) update two weeks after a military coup in the country.

A curfew in major tourist destinations such as Phuket, Ko Samui and Pattaya could be lifted this week.

The curfew was relaxed last Wednesday from seven to four hours – between midnight and 4am.

The military seized power in Thailand on May 22 saying stability needed to be restored.

A series of measures aimed at averting an economic crisis have now been announced. The priorities are to restore the confidence of investors and maintain fiscal discipline.

Small numbers of protesters took to the streets of Bangkok over the weekend despite a huge military presence.

NCPO head General Prayuth Chan-ocha said an interim government would be formed in time to administer the state budget for the next fiscal year and elections could be held in 15 months to allow time for a complete reform of political, economic and social institutions in order to bring peace and order to the kingdom, according to TAT.