Royal Caribbean International has said its call centre in Guatemala is now operating at the same level as its former UK equivalent was 12 months ago.

Stuart Leven (pictured), managing director UK and Ireland, said the call centre was receiving positive feedback and he was pleased with conversion rates.

His comments come four months after Leven revealed the centre “wasn’t working quite as it should do yet”. The line outsourced its support centre to Guatemala last year. It then had to send seven of its UK support team to the new call centre when issues with administrative changes to bookings arose.

Leven said: “We have seen significant improvements in the call centre over the past three months since taking training and development measures.

“The service and conversion levels are on par with what the UK call centre was doing 12 months ago. We are now running customer feedback surveys at the end of the calls and the customer satisfaction rate within the first six weeks was 97%.”

Leven said the progress was an example of addressing a problem in the correct way but insisted that Royal would continue to monitor the call centre.