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Further travel disruption in Belgium is forecast with a nationwide general strike called for December 15.

A strike yesterday forced Eurostar services to Brussels to terminate at Lille. Services to the Belgian capital will also face similar disruption next Monday.

Industrial action involving baggage handlers also resulted in 267 departing flights, almost half of the total, being cancelled at Brussels’ international airport.

Yesterday’s action against government austerity measure halted all underground trains, buses and trams in Brussels. High-speed trains to France, Holland and Germany were suspended, along with Eurostar services to London.

The strike was the latest in a series of weekly protests that will end with next Monday’s mass walkout.

Workers were stopped from entering some industrial areas by pickets, while schools and public services in Belgium were also disrupted.

The public sector movement began early last month with 100,000 people taking part in a march in Brussels that ended in clashes leaving 112 police injured.