A travel consultant apprenticeship scheme put forward by the Guild of Travel Management Companies has won government approval.

Members of the guild’s people strategy group have been actively involved, as part of a government scheme, in developing the standard for a travel consultant.

The drive is part of a focused effort to attract more young people to pursue a career in the business travel sector.

Part of the development included a consultation period with other organisations working within both the business and leisure travel sectors to agree a common standard for an apprenticeship in travel.

The Gtmc is now working to encourage members to become involved and offer apprenticeships within their organisations to ensure more young people choose to develop their careers in the business travel sector.

The next stage will be to produce an agreed assessment plan for approval in order to ensure there are robust and consistent requirements in place for apprentices to qualify over the coming months.

Further details on the travel consultant apprenticeship will be announced early next year.

It is among new employer-designed apprenticeships given the green light by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and new skills and equalities minister Nicholas Boles.

Guild chief executive Paul Wait said:
“This is a significant step forward in attracting young talent to the industry and supporting the career development of the next generation of travel managers and business travel professionals.

“I would like to thank Angela Williams, director of human resources at BCD Travel, who has played an essential role in securing this standard.

“We look forward to working with our members and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and working alongside other businesses to expand career opportunities in business travel even further in the future.”

Boles said: “I am proud to say that through working with leading employers and groups such as Gtmc we have now reached our target of creating two million apprentices since 2010.

However, two million is just the start. I want more employers to follow suit and start making apprentices a key part of their growth strategy.”