Sabre-using agents seeking round-the-world fares can now access a price for the entire journey on carriers within the SkyTeam alliance.

Agents booking multi-destination round-the-world itineraries previously had to add up the price of each segment of the trip.

Sabre-using agencies should also benefit from reduced agency debit memo (ADM) costs. Airlines issue an ADM and bill agents if there is a discrepancy between a fare offered and the airline’s published price.

The new capability is available for SkyTeam members’ Go Round the World and Go Round Asia & Southwest Pacific fares.

The SkyTeam alliance includes Delta and Air France-KLM.

Sabre senior vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Harald Eisenaecher said: “Booking round the world tickets has been a pain-point for airlines and agencies for some time.

“Using our latest technology and working alongside the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and SkyTeam, Sabre has established a new industry standard for purchasing round-the-world itineraries that makes it easier and more efficient for everyone .

“We fully expect this new standard to drive more round-the-world fares for carriers.”

Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam sales and marketing vice-president, said: “An industry-approved, standardised framework for automated round-the-world fares has been needed for some time.

“We are delighted to be working with Sabre to make this a reality. We’re proud to be the first alliance to automate these types of fares for agents using the Sabre GDS.”