Good friends Rebbeca Kingston and Lindsay Everett came up with an idea to set up a combined boutique and travel agency selling wedding dresses and honeymoons following their own experiences.

The pair, who have known each other for 15 years and used to work together on the perfume counter at Harrods, got engaged and married at a similar time.

“We were on the hunt for dresses at the same time and it was a really disappointing experience,” recalls Rebbeca. “Lindsay said booking her honeymoon wasn’t what she thought it would be and was sure we could do it better ourselves. We looked at each other and said ‘that’s a really good idea’.”

The experience shaped the idea for the business, which opened in May last year. Rebbeca runs the agency in the boutique.

“People call us the ‘dynamic duo’,” jokes Rebbeca, 34. “The business is profitable and, long term, we’d like to open in different areas.”

But both suffered personal setbacks which made setting up the business challenging – and inspired them to do better. Recently, they entered Richard Branson’s Pitch 2 Rich competition to try to win a slice of £1 million prize money for their business.

During the planning of the business, Rebbeca gave birth to twins prematurely.

“I was told my life was in danger; the only cure was to take the babies out,” she says.

Her twins were both born with serious problems: Daisy-Mai suffers from a heart condition and stayed in intensive care for seven months, while Oakley was in intensive care for four months. Both have chronic lung disease.

Rebbeca balanced looking after her babies and researching the agency.

“Daisy-Mai had to be wired up to receive oxygen at home. I spent hours by her side, reading Travel Weeklys and researching. I wanted the babies to be proud of me.”

Just before the boutique opened, Lindsay’s youngest son Vinnie, four, born with a partially fused skull, underwent extra surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“With five children between us, three of which need a lot of hospital care, we help each other as and when needed,” adds Rebbeca.

She is now appealing for readers to vote for the pair to reach the shortlist in Branson’s competition. “Some people have doubted what we’re doing; now we want to get a name for ourselves.”

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