It appears that those who have formulated ABTA’s Blueprint for the Future have paid little regard to proportional representation as far as the Council of Regions is concerned.

Such a council consisting only of regional chairmen would be unrepresentative, giving unfair weight to small regions and disenfranchising members of large regions.

It is logical that each region should ballot for whom they wish to represent them on the council of the regions and it is also logical that the three largest regions should have two council representatives, reflecting the numbers of agents they represent.

Regional chairmen seeking a dual role couldsubmit themselves for approval by their region.In principle, this plan follows the arrangements that have been working well for Travel Agents’ Council for 30 years.

Regions have elected their TAC members, who, in turn, participate in electing members to the board.

With 60% of all the ABTA members in their sector located in the three largest regions, it is essential that their views are considered. If they are ignored, then the blueprint could be doomed.

It is crucial to signal a warning to ABTA, to pull back from the brink. If the largest regions decide to vote against the blueprint, then the reorganisation plan will have no hope of ever getting anywhere near the necessary 75% extraordinary general meeting majority.

Graham Barber, TAC member, Northwest region, Plan It Travel;

Allan Beaver, chairman and TAC member, Greater London region, Beaver Travel; Doug Wardle, TAC member, Midland region and board member, Wardle Travel