Aito Specialist Travel Agents have reported record sales of £56.4 million through Aito All Stars’ tour operators in 2015.

The Aito All Stars incentive scheme records sales of Aito Agents through Aito operators. Of Aito’s 122 members, 38 are now signed up to the scheme.

The sales represent a 6% increase on 2014.

Total commission earned by agents through the scheme reached £48,000 per agency last year, according to Aito Agents chairman Gemma Antrobus at this year’s Aito Agents domestic conference in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

“For sales to have risen by 6% in a difficult year is really good. It truly proves that if you put Aito operators first, it will benefit your agency,” she said.

Antrobus used the figures to urge agent members to get more involved in the association and build closer ties with tour operator members.

“We need to work together if the association is going to continue to have a voice and move forward. The outcome of our latest strategic panel meeting was to work together to increase the number of Aito bookings via Aito operators to generate better volumes and profits,” she added.

Antrobus said Aito Agents could help members get more engaged with Aito operators. “We are here to help and I would say you are far more likely to get an Aito operator to sit down with an Aito member [than a major operator]; we can make it happen.”