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Travel to Paris from around Europe plunged by half in the immediate aftermath of the November 13 terrorist attacks, research findings out today reveal.

However, the first signs of recovery started a week later, especially with French travellers.

More recovery is under way with UK travellers hitting a strong 57% week-on-week rise on January 1, and US travellers displaying a 46% week-on-week increase in travel intent to the French capital on the same date.

Data on outbound long-haul travel this year shows that Brazil is the destination with the biggest jump in 2016 for both Americans and Europeans.

The Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is boosting interest in the country, with Brazil climbing nine places to position 14 in the US and 12 positions to fifth place in Europe, over the entire year.

The US and Thailand remain the top two countries for long-haul travel by European travellers for a second year

Dubai rises up the list from 11th to 6th position and the Cuban capital of Havana rises from 18th to 9th for departures in the first quarter of 2016, according to the global travel trends report produced by performance marketing platform Sojern.

India, Morocco and Indonesia all slide down by one position overall, the United Arab Emirates by two, and Vietnam altogether exits the top ten list of long-haul destinations for European travellers for both the first quarter and the whole of 2016.

The US, Mexico, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, India and Turkey attracted the most interest from prospective travellers in the last quarter of 2015.

October was the heaviest month in the period for both search and bookings, capturing 37% and 38% respectively of the quarter’s searches and bookings, according to Sojern.