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The value of salaries advertised for jobs in travel have risen for five months in a row and are now at their highest since April 2013, according to C&M Recruitment.

The travel specialist recruitment firm’s regular analysis of the sector has found January saw a 1.3% increase in advertised salaries to an average £26,693.

Salaries have seen a consistent month on month increase and now stand 4% than at the beginning of last year.

Standard travel jobs (salaries of up to £40,000) have reached their highest total since February 2013 after jumping by 2.43% cent last month to £23,018.

And executive travel salaries (above £40,000) rose to their highest point since December 2014.

Regionally wages in the south leapt to their highest level since May 2013 and salaries for travel jobs in the north reached their highest total since May 2014.

Barbara Kolosinska, director at C&M Travel Recruitment and C&M Executive Recruitment, said:

“What a month. It’s rare for wages to grow so universally, but in January we saw salaries increase in the north and south and for both standard and executive travel jobs.

“This only happened once last year, so to see increases across all four of these measures in the very first month of the year is clearly a great sign for 2016.

“It is also particularly positive to see the executive travel recruitment sector bounce back strongly both in terms of wage growth and hiring activity.”

C&M also reported an upturn in candidate numbers after a slow December. Those looking for a new job in travel almost doubled in January.

This was the biggest monthly increase since January 2014, but was down compared to the beginning of last year.

There was a large increase in the number of new travel jobs being made available in January although the total remained down annually.

Kolosinska added: “The number of candidates searching for roles picked up last month and we expect this to increase further throughout the year.

“The average new travel job now comes with wages that are higher than at any point since early 2013, and this promise of an increased salary could well tempt many people in the industry to look at the options currently available to them.”