Ryanair is making the ultimate step away from no-frills flying by starting a corporate jet charter service.

The airline is offering a customised Boeing 737-700 with only 60 leather seats in business class configuration with a 48” seat pitch.

Fine dining catering facilities are being made available on the aircraft which has a range of up to six hours flying time.

The corporate jet is crewed by a Ryanair pilot and cabin crew.

A spokesman said: “We are pleased to launch our corporate jet hire service with our newly-customised Boeing 737-700, seating up to 60 passengers, on business class, reclining, leather seats, crewed by Ryanair’s industry leading pilot and cabin crew professionals.

“More than 25 million business travellers fly with Ryanair every year, choosing our low fares, unbeatable on-time performance, and Europe’s largest route network, along with the benefits of our Business Plus service.

“Now, business and group travellers can also enjoy the benefits of Ryanair’s corporate jet service, as we offer a customised Ryanair Boeing 737-700 for private charter.”