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People planning an overseas holiday this year are more likely to vote to stay in the EU than those unlikely to travel, according to exclusive research for Travel Weekly.

A survey of 1,200-plus UK adults by research firm TNS found holidaymakers opposed to a British exit (Brexit) sharply outnumber those in favour despite latest polls finding voters tied for and against the EU overall.

The study found 43% in favour of staying among those planning an outbound holiday this year and 52% among those planning more than one holiday, against 33% for leaving. By contrast, Brexit backers (47%) outnumbered those who favour staying in the EU (20%) among adults unlikely to have an overseas holiday this year or next.

Voting intentions among all adults were tied at 37% for and against the EU, with 20% undecided and 6% indifferent.

The survey suggests a strong bias towards EU membership among young adults, with 55% in favour among 16 to 24-year-olds and 49% among those aged 25-34, as well as greater support among the better-off. But adults favouring Brexit outnumbered those against in all other age groups.

Three-quarters (76%) of outbound holidays from the UK last year were to EU member states.

The latest poll by TNS, published last week, also found ‘stay’ and ‘leave’ voters tied and noted a “stronger preference” among young voters to remain. TNS suggested this “could prove an advantage for the leave campaign as older people are more likely to vote”.

However, TNS also found more people expect Britain to remain in the EU (41%) than to leave (28%) – regardless 
of their voting intentions.

The TNS research for Travel Weekly was conducted online among 1,219 UK adults aged 16+ in early March. Only those aged 18+ can vote in the referendum on June 23.